Youth are a predominant focus of PRB’s work, which looks at their health and reproductive rights, job prospects, and educational needs.

The great diversity of today’s youth population mandates that we look beyond the numbers to understand the reproductive health and development needs of youth who may be students, spouses or parents, or current or aspiring members of the workforce. Using narratives that link hard statistics with young people’s lived realities increases appreciation of the diverse challenges faced by this generation, and the program responses required to meet their contraceptive and reproductive health needs.

PRB successfully bridges the youth data gap to reach policymakers at all levels and across diverse geographies. Our pioneering work with journalists under Women’s Edition has helped mobilize support for youth sexual and reproductive health policies through media coverage of often taboo subjects, including premarital sexual activity, unplanned pregnancy, unsafe abortion, and the spread of sexual violence and transactional sex among young people. These examples, along with scorecards, youth maps, customized youth data sheets, and multimedia presentations, illustrate PRB’s leadership in communicating data about youth sexual and reproductive health and well-being to a broad spectrum of policymakers.

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