Open and fact-based public dialogue is essential to advance decisionmaking and policy commitments that provide lifesaving access to reproductive health care options for women and girls, including safe abortion and post-abortion care. The SAFE ENGAGE project trains journalists and connects the media with health experts, civil society, and government officials to foster information sharing across sectors and increase accurate and high-quality news reporting about safe abortion and maternal health. These efforts include providing journalists with current data and clear information about safe abortion.

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Access to Safe Abortion and Postabortion Care in Nigeria Can Save Lives

These fact sheets provide key data and information about abortion in Nigeria, including who can access safe abortion and post abortion care, what outcomes women and girls experience from unsafe abortion, and whether women and girls understand their options for safe abortion. The conclusions are drawn from surveys of Nigerian women conducted by Performance Monitoring for Action (PMA) between 2018 and 2020.


Abortion: Facts and Figures 2021

This guide provides a comprehensive overview of abortion globally including data, trends, and the legal status of abortion by country and region. It also includes information about maternal health outcomes and access to family planning services, and how they are linked with abortion access.