PRB is a key partner on Breakthrough RESEARCH (B-R), the United States Agency for International Development’s flagship project for social and behavior change (SBC) research and evaluation. Led by the Population Council, B-R will support countries to improve health and development by equipping governments, implementing partners, service delivery practitioners, and donors with the evidence and tools they need to integrate proven and cost-effective SBC approaches into their programs. Key activities will include: identifying information gaps, building consensus around priority agendas, and carrying out innovative SBC research and evaluation across a range of health and development issues—from reproductive health to Zika to agriculture to humanitarian assistance.

B-R will work in close collaboration with Breakthrough ACTION (B-A), its sister project, led by the Johns Hopkins University Center for Communication Programs. B-R will complement B-A’s SBC programs by providing the data and evidence needed to catalyze the power of SBC to improve priority health behaviors and enable positive social norm change. PRB’s primary role on B-R is to provide leadership and guidance on research utilization—ensuring that the high-quality evidence generated by the project is used for decisionmaking that can lead to practical, on-the-ground changes and improvements in service delivery and implementation.

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