Through global, regional, and country-level programs, we work with journalists in developing countries to build their competence, understanding, and commitment to providing effective and high-profile coverage of health, gender, and population issues. Our work with journalists includes sponsoring seminars on these issues, providing support for reporters to attend and cover relevant regional and international conferences, providing travel reporting grants, and individual mentoring.

Our work enables journalists to produce print and online articles and broadcast programs that inform citizens and policymakers with up-to-date media coverage of important issues affecting citizens’ health and well-being and countries’ social and economic development. Through seminars and workshops, we strengthen journalists’ abilities to work with data and produce stories that can help to shape public discourse and bring about needed changes in health systems, programs, and policies.

Women’s Edition

Women’s Edition brings together senior-level women editors, reporters, and producers from influential media organizations in developing countries to examine and report on pressing issues affecting women’s health and status. By providing information directly to millions of women in developing countries on issues important to them, Women’s Edition arms women with information that allows them to take control of their lives and informs policymakers on needed programs and policy reforms.

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